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Deliver within 60 minutes or plan days ahead, your choice

Simplifying your delivery processes

Get your products to your customers on time and on budget

Top of class delivery experience
Exceptional customer service
Customised pricing for various products

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Grow your business
with Load and Go

Reduce operational costs

Our free web-based software serves as your company’s very own delivery department. Spend less time managing deliveries and handling mismanaged deliveries. 

Real-time tracking

Remove any worries about where your product is. Once the product leaves your hands, you and your customer will be able to see exactly when it arrives with predictive routing.

Flexible & fast delivery

Have a variety of products that require different delivery speeds? Get it all completed on one platform. Same day, next day, and 1-3 day Singapore delivery for items of any size.

Getting started with
Load and Go is easy


Connect your store to automatically import
your orders. Or upload via Excel/CSV. 


For each of your orders, select a suitable
delivery speed and pricing that suits
your exact requirements. 


Watch all your orders get fulfilled in real-time
on your delivery dashboard

Build better experiences for your
customers with Load and Go

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