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End-to-end logistics designed for the entrepreneur.

How we started

With first-hand experience on the challenges of selling online with 2 online e-commerce brands + over 25 years in the logistics industry, Bryan and Henry cofounded Load and Go.

We started as a last-mile delivery company, and evolved into an end-to-end logistics solution provider.

Best-in-class service, continuous operational and technological innovations, and long-term partnerships lie at the core of how we operate and compete in the logistics industry.

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Load and Go Singapore last mile delivery service businesses local and international expres
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Where we want to be in 5 years

Our success lies with our customers doing extremely well.

We want to help brands increase their sales because they can create a better e-commerce experience. We want to help distributors, home-based sellers, and entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes sell more and move faster.

Every year, we want to see the brands we work with succeed- increased sales, going global, and more. In 5 years, we want our suite of products and services to be ever more effective and efficient in helping companies with their logistics in Southeast Asia.

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How about in 50 years?

We want to extend our impact globally.

Same idea, different markets.

Our goal of being the trusted practitioner of all things logistics and helping brands sell more and faster is one we believe can benefit businesses across the world.

Our Services
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