Top 5 delivery services in Singapore

We’ve all been there. You ordered a package and were quoted a delivery time, but now it’s two days after the date your parcel was supposed to be delivered and you still have nothing. And then when you check the tracking, your package seems to be stuck in one location.

Whenever anyone schedules a delivery, what everyone is looking for is responsive customer service, an affordable price, an accurate delivery estimate, and a hassle-free process where your parcel(s) arrive in the same condition as it was when it shipped.

While at Load and Go we offer business-to-business delivery services, we know our customers also look for a shipping and delivery service for their personal use. We also know finding a local company inSingapore that meets all the above criteria is not an easy task for anyone. That’s why we’ve narrowed down your options and created a list of the top 5 delivery services in Singapore. Read on below to learn more.

1) GoGoX (formally GoGoVan)

It’s fitting to start the list with what is believed to be the first local, app-based, courier service inSingapore. GoGoX has changed the way Singapore thinks about delivery services with their tech-forward model, and they have quickly become the leading service for flexible moving and delivery, business van rentals, and door-to-door services. What makes them stand out from their competitors though is the ease of service they bring with their in-store kiosks.

When it comes to delivery, they move fast and even offer same-day delivery services. So, whether you need help relocating, need help to deliver large items on short notice, or need assistance placing a delivery for a smaller item with a fast turnaround, GoGoX can help. Their rates start at $9.00, and they can help deliver on a whim to whoever, and wherever you need.

2) Lalamove

If you want a one-stop-shop delivery service, look no further than Lalamove. Lalamove is known formany things including being the cheapest option for medium-sized parcel deliveries, offering hassle-free payment right through their app, providing a customizable delivery experience, and just being a great option for any delivery. And they mean any deliver because they will deliver almost anything!

Lalamove first started as a moving company but they’ve grown to now offer smaller item deliveries.Widely known as being one of the fastest delivery options, they offer some of the shortest delivery times you can find. What does that mean? Well, you can book a driver in 12 seconds and have your package delivered in only 55 minutes after booking.

All their services are booked on-demand so you never have to wait around for your service, and they will help you with moving and loading your delivery, so you don’t have to worry about doing any heavy lifting on your own. Lalamove also has a wide range of vehicles in their delivery fleet from motorcycles to cars, to vans, and their rates start at $10.00!

3) PickUpp

If you want to guarantee that your item will be picked up and delivered in 4 hours, then PickUpp is the delivery service you are looking for. They stand by this guarantee and beyond their 4-hour same-day delivery, they also have options for next-day delivery, and up to 3-day delivery if you want to schedule out your delivery.

PickUpp offers some of the best rates in Singapore with next-day delivery starting at $3.20 and 4-hour delivery starting at $8.00. Their platform also has a user-friendly booking interface and allows you totrack your parcel along with its delivery in real-time. PickUpp puts the customer first, responds to customer demands, and because they offer delivery weekend delivery, it’s no wonder that customerslove them.

4) SendSingapore

While SendSingapore hasn’t been around for as long as some of the other companies on this list, it is still a favorite in Singapore. Like other providers, they offer same-day delivery, but they also offer multiple day-to-day deliveries. When it comes to your package’s delivery, they allow you to keep track of the parcels in real-time and allow you to communicate with drivers. They are good at many things, but their ability to handle multiple delivery transactions, in an organized manner, from one customer, is what keeps their customers coming back. They take their customer service one step further by offering a free re-delivery option per order if your first delivery was missed.

Beyond this, they offer 3-hour on-demand delivery (starting at $14.00) for those times when you find yourself needing a parcel delivered fast. If you’re not in a rush, SendSingapore has next-day and same-day delivery service options for you. If you have a large parcel to send, you’ll find that SendSingapore is the cheapest courier service for you, with a flat rate of $18.00 for next-day delivery for up to 30kg.

5) UParcel

Rounding out our list is UParcel which takes away the stress of having to bounce between various courier services for a variety of services. That’s because UParcel offers a wide array of services 24/7 with prices that are fixed and transparent.

If you need a document or package delivered fast, UParcel can deliver your parcel in under 1 hour, if you are willing to spend $20 (their longer same-day service starts at $7.50). You can’t find a service inSingapore that is faster than UParcel.

Beyond this, they offer special bulk delivery discounts if you must ship a bunch of items, they have storage and pick and pack services, and they have a comprehensive mobile app that helps you book and track packages from anywhere. UParcel follows the mantra that convenience is key for their customers so they offer door-to-door services so that you never have to visit a facility. That means they will come to you to get the parcel and will deliver it wherever you want!

Besides those top 5 personal delivery services, at Load and Go we meet our customer needs with quality service, competitive pricing, and reliability. Our services range from e-commerce store fulfilment to 4-hour, same-day, and next-day delivery services. We have 50 years of combined experience and together we're are focused on making all deliveries a more efficient and enjoyable experience.

What makes us different at Load and Go is that we are focused on YOU and YOUR businesses. We are business-to-business focused, instead of consumer-focused. Book a call with us or contact us today to learn how we can help you scale up your business with reliable deliveries.

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