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E-commerce fulfilment

Have an online business? We help solve the following pain points:

1. Lack time- On average, e-commerce businesses spend more than one day a week fulfilling orders. Our fulfilment services return this time to you.

2. Missing out on orders- Have orders from multiple platforms? Your e-commerce site, marketplaces, and retail store- manage your inventory levels in one place with integrations with major online platforms.

3. Inconsistent logistics support- Are you managing multiple logistics relationships, each for different portions of the supply chain? We serve as the trusted practitioner of end-to-end logistics and can help with your online business' logistical requirements.


We support businesses of all sizes with the following (Note: we have a minimum spending of $500 a month. We invest a significant amount of time in every business we support and this minimum spending helps keeps our level of commitment to every business sustainable)

1. Inbound shipments
Receiving goods from overseas suppliers? Want the best freight forwarding rate? We can help.

a. Air freight to Singapore
The faster and more costly option. Suitable for smaller shipments that need to arrive fast.

b. Sea freight to Singapore
The slower and more cost-effective option. Suitable for pallets, large shipments which aren't time-sensitive.

2. Storage
Need space to store your inventory? Want to have real-time access to your inventory levels?

We have 2 models of charging for storage for e-commerce businesses:

a. per CBM/month (1m*1m*1m)
b. per bin/month (30cm*40cm*40cm)

We offer unit-level barcoding so you can know the exact number of units of each SKU you have and exactly when you need to restock.

This way, you can pay for what you need.

3. Order fulfilment
We help fulfil orders from any online e-commerce platforms (Shopify, Woocomerce, Magneto, etc), major marketplaces (Lazada, Shopee, Q100, etc). Rates are by per order and customised packaging + packing in your marketing inserts + using your packaging + customised packing requests can all be supported.

Our trained pickers and packers will help make sure your orders are accurately prepared. Airway bills for delivery and arranging with couriers will be managed by our team.

4. Last-mile delivery
For local deliveries, we have our in-house fleet of drivers that can support your requirements. By engaging us for warehousing, we can support even faster delivery timings for lower rates:

a. 1-3 day delivery- From $4, island-wide
b. Next day delivery- From $5.5, island-wide
c. Same day delivery- From $9.80, island-wide
d. 4 hour delivery- From $13.50, island-wide
e. On-demand delivery- From $14, based on distance

For international deliveries, we've partnered with DHL Express to ship your orders worldwide within 1-5 days (dependent on location). Leverage our corporate account with high volume discounts for your international deliveries. Alternatively, we can help facilitate Singpost Speedpost Standard deliveries (5-14 days) too.

5. Serve as your Singapore pick-up location for customers

Conveniently located in central Singapore at Tanjong Pagar Distripark, we can serve as your pickup point for local customers who prefer to do self-pickup. Based on our experience, 8% of customers prefer this option to delivery.

Win over customers who aren't comfortable with the deliveries for your product or who want the item urgently with this service.

6. Reverse logistics

Customers expect free returns. Brands that provide a seamless buying experience from start to finish establishes themselves for success in the long run. We can help facilitate the return.

For local customers who we shipped to, we can liaise with them to arrange a shipment at their cost or yours (you can decide). Once our warehouse receives the item, we can run through a quality check to ensure it matches your return policy and returns it to inventory.

For international customers, we can serve as the delivery point for their parcels. Similarly, once we receive the item, we can run through the aforementioned stock return process.

Other services you may be interested in:
We understand that every business has its unique set of requirements and our logistics flow is designed to meet your unique requirements. Reach out for a no-obligation discussion- we're always interested to learn about your business challenges and how we can support them!

That said, here are some value-added services you may find useful:

1. Pickup of inventory

   From port/home address/other warehouses to our warehouse    

2. Specific warehouse/delivery requirements    

3. Use of space:

   1. Office space with warehouse
   2. Photography/video shoot space
   3. Use of meeting room
   4. Event space (Max 20 pax)
   5. Register your office address at our warehouse + Mail handling    

4. Product enhancements:

   1. Gift wrapping
   2. Printing on demand
   3. Engraving
   4. Hand-written notes for orders    

5. Marketing:  

   1. Product photography
   2. Channel management
   3. Marketing campaign
   4. 24/7 customer support

Book a call with us here or reach out to us via Whatsapp here for a discussion!

Logistics Solutions

We provide logistical support for all types of requirements:

1. Business to Business companies
2. Distributor
3. Retail stores
4. Customised workflow for your business

Here are the pain points we help solve:

1. Many logistical contacts to manage- Your supply chain is complex and you have many different vendors to liaise with. Most of your time is spent coordinating and not on your core business. We're your end-to-end solutions provider for all things logistics so you know who to reach regardless of your logistics requirements.
2. "I cannot help with that"- Feel limited by what can and cannot be done because of logistical constraints by existing vendors? We believe that these challenging issues are to be tackled head-first so that better experiences can be created by logistical innovation- whether it be same-day fulfilment or 1 hour turnaround time for order fulfilment.

If you face these issues or if you're looking for a logistics partner, here are the services we offer:

1. Inbound

Need help moving your goods to Singapore? We help facilitate the process.

a. Freight-forwarding

We can help facilitate the delivery of your goods to our warehouse via sea, air, or land.

b. Customs

Dealing with the customs is important and cumbersome. Dealing with this administrative task with the benefit of experience allows us to facilitate it faster and minimise the mistakes and overpaying of custom fees.

c. Unstuffing

A logistical term for "removal of cargo from a container". Your goods may not be arranged as they should be after leaving the manufacturer. We can help with unstuffing palletised and loose cargos and storing them as is or rearranging them based on your requirements.

2. Storage

Have fast-moving goods? Are your items slower-moving? Need long-term storage? 

We charge based on:

1. per pallet/month
2. per carton/month

3. Outbound

Need to move your goods to another country or deliver them to a local business? 

We charge by per delivery order and the number of items in the order. The airway bill and courier will be arranged for you based on your delivery order. Express handling (within 2 hours) is possible for urgent requirements.

4. Delivery

For local deliveries, we have our in-house fleet of drivers that can support your requirement. Timings and specific delivery instructions can be specified in the delivery order if any. Here are our rates:

1. Up to 6 cartons- From $25
2. 10ft lorry- From $65
3. 14ft lorry- From $85

For international deliveries, we can help arrange sea, air, or land freight based on your requirements. These can also be stated in the delivery order.

Other services you may be interested in:

We understand the complexities of logistical operations and always seek to make meaningful innovations in our processes and service offerings. Here are some you may find useful:

1. Additional manpower for businesses who have specific needs during any portion of the supply chain
2. Plastic wrapping for pallet
3. Provision of plastic/wooden pallets 
4. E-commerce fulfilment

5. Specific warehouse/delivery requirements    
6. Use of space:
   1. Office space with warehouse
   2. Photography/video shoot space
   3. Use of meeting room
   4. Event space (Max 20 pax)
   5. Register your office address at our warehouse + Mail handling    
7. Product enhancements:
   1. Gift wrapping
   2. Printing on demand
   3. Engraving
   4. Hand-written notes for orders    
8. Marketing:  
   1. Product photography
   2. Channel management
   3. Marketing campaign
   4. 24/7 customer support

Book a call with us here or reach out to us via Whatsapp here for a discussion!

Last Mile Delivery

Load and Go started as a last-mile delivery provider back in 2019.

To change the status quo deliveries experiences, we designed our operations to allow for better delivery experiences for all parties.

Our focus includes:

1. Top of class delivery experience

When designing our operational flow, we put an emphasis on the receiver.

When the customer's happy, they buy more from the brand. When the brand's happy, we are happy.


2. Exceptional customer service

Our service offerings come with dedicated support for specific requirements.

3. Customised pricing to support varying products

We have 3 pricing structures to suit businesses of all shapes and sizes.


We have 3 pricing structures to suit businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Our pricing structure:

1. Weight-based (In 5kg intervals)

Use case: Fashion products, FMCG, light products, most commonly used pricing model

Pricing: From $4.50

2. Number of pieces

Use case: Alcohol, beverages, items that need to be packed separately, if you prefer not to weigh your products individually

Pricing: From $4.50

3. Using Load and Go's specified packing material (Envelope, small box, medium box, and large box)

Use case: Small items, loose items, can pack multiple items into one packing materials

Pricing: From $4

Delivery Speed

We have 5 service levels:

1. 1-3 day delivery

Cut-off time 4pm on D-0, deliver by 10pm D-4

2. Next-day delivery

Cut-off time 4pm on D-0, deliver by 10pm D-1

3. Same-day delivery (Only when paired with our warehousing)

Cut-off time 12pm on D-0, deliver by 10pm D-0

4. 4-hour delivery (Only when paired with our warehousing)

Deliver within 4 hours of order

5. On-demand delivery (Only when paired with our warehousing)

Prepare and deliver immediately (delivery within 1-2 hours depending on the complexity of packing and distance from Tanjong Pagar Distripark)

Value-added services

Every product has different requirements and delivery experiences are not homogenous. We offer a range of value-added services to make your customer experience even more unique and memorable:

1. White-glove delivery service

We offer a premium delivery option, with special attention to detail, especially with items that require handling with care during transportation.

Specialty goods including valuable and fragile items like luxury goods, artwork, wedding cakes, expensive equipment, antiques, etc- these require special attention to detail that we can provide.

2. Assembly on-site

Products such as furniture and electronics may need assembly work during delivery. From light to heavy assembly work, our in-house fleet of drivers can be trained to handle your product's assembly work.

During onboarding, you can walk us through the assembly process. We will take a video of one of our team assembling the product as you have guided and that will serve as a guide, along with an in-person walkthrough, for drivers who will help deliver your products.

3. Delivery within a 2-hour or 4-hour window

Want to provide customers time windows for delivery to reduce failed deliveries and increase customer satisfaction?

Time windows let customers know when they need to be home to receive the products in person.

4. Insurance on every delivery

We offer a complimentary $200 insurance with all our deliveries. In the rare event that your shipment goes missing or is damaged during delivery, we compensate you up to $200.

Want a higher coverage? More insurance per delivery can be purchased.

5. Delivery date and time selector

Embed a delivery time and date selector into your website to allow customers to indicate their delivery preferences.

This selection then flows to our software for our fulfilment.

Other Services

When serving as the trusted practitioner of all things logistics for our clients, we grow to become their trusted advisor. They come to us with problems outside of logistics and for ones that align with our team's core capabilities, we do our best to support them.

Asides from our core competencies in logistics, we have built up a range of capabilities that can benefit businesses that partner with us.

These include:

Marketing Solutions

a. Product photography

At $100 per product, receive professional shots (several angles) of your product on white background. Min. $500 per shoot.

b. Channel management

Want to launch your brand on Shopee/Lazada/Qoo10? Want to build a branded online store? 

Leveraging on one of our co-founder's experience building 2 successful e-commerce sites and experience serving similar clients, we can help you build and manage your online sales channel.

c. Marketing campaigns

Want more conversions? Not sure if SEO or paid advertising on Facebook, Google, Tik Tok, or Pinterest would help?

We can help you achieve your brand goals through SEO campaigns and paid advertising campaigns.

Our support for SEO starts from $800 and paid advertising from $1000 (with a min. monthly ad spend of $4000).

d. 24/7 customer support

Want to provide world-class customer support for your customers, round the clock?

We have a team around the world that can support such requirements on your branded websites and marketplaces.

We begin with getting the FAQs from you and building a resource library for our support agents to use when answering your customers' questions.  

Space and Office Solutions

(Only available for clients who work with us for warehousing)

a. Office space + Warehouse
For customers who would like a hot-desk in our office at Tanjong Pagar Distripark, we can provide this. (Very limited slots)

b. Photography/video shoot space

Use our space for your shoots!

c. Use of meeting room

Book our meeting rooms for calls and client meetings.

d. Event space (Max 20 pax)

Host your product launch or workshops in the evenings/weekends with our transformed warehouse space.

e. Register your office address at our warehouse + mail handling

Need an address for filing with ACRA or need help handling mails? We can help.